An Interview With The Yurt

Later this month we are co-hosting a dog adoption event in San Clemente at The Yurt, a community space dedicated to providing a positive work environment and creative event venue. We linked up with Amber of The Yurt to learn a little more about what makes The Yurt so special.

What is the vision behind The Yurt?
Our vision for The Yurt was to create an authentic community space where local creatives can join together despite differences. San Clemente and our surrounding area is filled with co-working spaces and yoga studios, but all seem to be segmented and in competition with each other. We don't believe there needs to be any competition, and that we all deserve and have the sacred opportunity to succeed in doing what we love. 

What’s the average day at The Yurt like?
We don't really seem to have an average day, but the idea stays pretty consistent: support community and crush the ego. Find ways to not be a jerk. The sounds are mostly dictated by whoever's manning the shop that day -- if it's Cole Bowen, it's likely he'll be playing some folk punk on the guitar while friends and vendors stop in. Occasionally you'll hear nothing, especially if you come by when he's plugged-in and working on a track. We carry the label LEAVING RECORDS on vinyl and cassette, so are partial to supporting their experimental artists whenever we get the opportunity. If Amber Materna is working the space you'll usually find two mutts in-tow, Jackson and Kennedy. They're not the best behaved but the local kids seem to love them.

Can you tell us a little about the artist & people involved?
Our quarterly shows are curated by Suzanne Walsh, a Santa Ana-based artist and large presence in the art community. Each process has a theme (our inaugural one focusing on the NEW MOON in Cancer, and the respective emotional processes), and vary from group to individual shows. Our founders, Cole Bowen, Jess Lea, and Amber Materna are all creatives in their own fields, as well. Bowen is an experimental artist and studying to be a holistic health practitioner, and Jess Lea is also a healer and founder of the group LOTUS and FEATHER. Materna is a writer-turned-publicist, with a background in critical theory. She now represents urban revitalization builders, artists, and wellness practitioners professionally. 

If The Yurt could be known for one thing - what would that be?

What has your involvement in the community been like so far?
The Yurt hosts monthly artisan markets in which we bring together local vendors supplying handmade goods. Dina Kleiman, our resident healer, offers monthly workshops to facilitate spiritual growth.


Any big plans/events in the works?
Our upcoming collaboration with L.A. Animal Rescue and Goldiepup of Goldenvoice is coming up October 18th. Suzanne Walsh will also be curating a solo show of Chantal de Felice's work, and our monthly artisan markets will become bi-monthly for the months of November and December. In the new year, artist and author Yumi Sakugawa will be doing a reading and book signing at the space. We can't wait for all the goodness. 

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